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Author Topic: Cover Art for movies not being saved on only 1 server drive  (Read 687 times)


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I have several drives on server that MC on my HTPC are mapped to.
MC properly goes out and collects the cover art from all the drives and presents properly in MC with the notable exception of 1 server drive.
MC sees that drive, imports the movie, and when I hover over it, the proper meta information is displayed.
However, when I automatically or manually scrape the information from whatever source, it finds it, I accept it, but it still doesn't display the cover art.
Since this is only on 1 server drive, it is likely the way permissions or something is set up on that drive but I can't see what that might be as it seems the same as other drives.
This problem is also for Marked As Played which won't stick on movies from that drive.
Any ideas or suggestions on what is happening on this drive or how to set it up to make sure MC can write to it (which I have enabled in windows permissions for the drive)
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