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Author Topic: Windows taskbar won't stay hidden (solution)  (Read 1909 times)


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Windows taskbar won't stay hidden (solution)
« on: June 15, 2015, 06:25:14 pm »

I've been having a problem with my taskbar (in hide mode) appearing when watching in full screen. This always happens when starting a video, top part of the auto hidden taskbar becomes visible. This is remedied by pressing the by pressing the windows home button and then klicking on the video screen again (taskbar disappears). I've been soooo frustrated with this for years, trying to research this problem and I finally found the solution.

I hope that these instructions help and all credit goes to Nic (guy who suggested the fix on this site
You can either (only do one of these ):
1. Right-click each affected program's executable and go to compatibility tab. Then check the "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings"
2. Globally fix this in the custom DPI setting. Chose the windows XP scaling mode when you set your DPI.
If this has been proposed as a solution previously on this forum, well then I'm blind as a bat  8)..if not, I hope it works for you guys that are affected.
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