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Author Topic: Brute force Copy to another computer question vs. Synch  (Read 1392 times)


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Brute force Copy to another computer question vs. Synch
« on: June 24, 2015, 07:04:41 pm »


I maintain my main JRiver library on my office computer connected to a large 24TB NAS. I also have a Surface Tablet on my network and that has a 128GB SD card in it. I used the Copy/Move function of JRiver to copy all my 4 and 5 star songs over to my Surface. It worked great but it took it 12 hours, but thats ok.

Over the next few weeks I suppose I will have marked a few thousand additional songs as 4 or 5 stars on my 24TB NAS and I will want to append those songs also onto my Surface... My question is this...

When JRiver is doing a Copy operation like this, is it smart enough to see that a file already exists in the destination folder and skip over that one? I'm asking because I dont want to have to wait 12 hours every time I want to synch the drive on my Surface.

Is there an actual Synch method I should be using instead of a brute force Copy? Is it possible to "synch" to a drive letter as opposed to a player device like an iPod? So that it will intelligently only transfer the files that actually changed or need to be added and not all of them every time?



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