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Author Topic: what are the license conditions if 2 MC installations needed (one WIN one Linux)  (Read 3347 times)


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I received an offer to upgrade  to MC21 from my current LINUX MC20.

Is it possible to buy  the MC21 upgrade  to Linux  with master license
AND  buy also another master license upgrade  to windows for (long time) testing purposes   ?

I very much prefer the Linux version, but some dacs  do not have Linux driver support
and therefore I would also need the MC21 WIN version at home.  

Or is one upgraded MC21 master license  valid enough for one MC21 Linux and one MC21 WIN installation ?

Or how does it go if 2 different OS installations are needed ?



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Master License is valid on all operating systems, so you can use the same license both on Windows and Linux (and Mac, if you so wish!), at the same time.
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