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Author Topic: Dsd to pcm and newbie questions  (Read 1463 times)


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Dsd to pcm and newbie questions
« on: September 04, 2015, 09:30:13 pm »


I am new to hires audio on the pc.  I am trying to setup a small system in my home office and just got a Sound Blaster X7 with the E-mu XM7 monitor.  Now all I need is a player to play some of my DSD files and music files in the best possible quality. I have mainly been playing DSD files and hires PCM from my iphone through my Herus dac/amp. So please help me with some quick question so that I can play all my files through my notebook in my home office. I understand I could connect my phone to the herus to my X7 to play the songs. But for simplicity, I am willing to invest in a seperate player.

1. I have DSF and DSD files. The X7 only does PCM at 24 bit up to 192khz.  Does MC player convert my DSD/DSF files to 24bit/192khz PCM to my X7 for best quality playback? IS this processor dependent? I have a old notebook that I could use for this purpose if a normal i5 processor with 2GB will work.

2. Does any room EQ filters "fir" work on MC? Do you support DIRAC software?

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