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Author Topic: DLNA function JRiver do SACD ISO playback  (Read 1955 times)


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DLNA function JRiver do SACD ISO playback
« on: August 23, 2015, 11:31:29 pm »

Hello, I try to use the DLNA function JRiver do SACD ISO playback, encounter problems, ask how to solve:

My configuration is as follows:

Installed JRiver 21, it is treated as a DLNA server on a computer. Another one or more computers installed JRiver 21 is treated as the player. So DLNA transmission between DSD and PCM data.

However, I want to try as PCM turn DSD's dop transmission, therefore, on the server side to set the output to the specified audio mode is 24, then set the output to DSP DOP, this time, accepted the player can receive a signal, but PCM or PCM, DSD but can not pass.

Only during playback side setting DSP for DOP output PCM server are unified past turned into DSD, and the server pass past DSD signal can not say anything. In fact, this time the player may not recognize the end of the DSD signal, probably because the package twice? Obviously, this does not make sense, because the server-side pass past is the source, JR should be able to automatically identify the fishes, I do not know why it can not recognize.

Also, I would have hoped by the end of the service package as DOP pcm transmission to the player side, the player then passed DOP DAC, in fact do not always sound.

Is this a design problem or DSP BUG?
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