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Author Topic: Audio and subtitles language selection in menus is not respected  (Read 569 times)


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No matter what ripped DVDs I play, the audio and language selection I make in the menus of the DVDs is not respected.

When playback starts, it's using the default audio and subtitles instead of the choice I picked in the DVD menus.

The only way to actually pick something else than the default audio and subtitle language is to display the context menu over the video while the video is playing, and pick something in there from the Audio and Subtitles submenus.

I even selected in the Options > Video settings:
- Default subtitle language = No subtitle
- Default audio language = No default language

to make sure nothing is forced in any other way, and it still doesn't work.

This used to work in the past, but I did not attempt to play a DVD for a long time. It doesn't work at all with the latest MC version that was released:


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Re: Audio and subtitles language selection in menus is not respected
« Reply #1 on: February 03, 2024, 05:26:10 pm »

Seeing the same behavior as the OP.
Running JR 31 on Windows 10 Pro. 
Confirmed that subtitles do work on burned-to-DVD version of same ripped files JRiver is using.

Bit of a nuisance. 
Hope this gets remedied soon.


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Re: Audio and subtitles language selection in menus is not respected
« Reply #2 on: February 12, 2024, 10:05:16 am »

This should be fixed in the next update for MC32. There is a bit of a conflict between trying to apply the default language and not overriding the menu choices.
In the future, we'll just communicate our pick for default to the disc menu logic - but it needs to actually respect it, which some I tested didn't. But I think thats a lot better then making the menu non-functional.
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Re: Audio and subtitles language selection in menus is not respected
« Reply #3 on: February 18, 2024, 03:09:24 am »

Many thanks for fixing this in MC32!

I just tried on on a couple of ripped to disk DVDs, and everything worked fine, then menu Audio and Subtitles language selection worked perfectly in both cases: menus with options that set both the audio and subtitle selection at the same time, and menus which have independent audio and subtitle language selection.

If I may, I would ask to keep the media files (mkvs, etc) language selection independent of the DVD language selection, just as it is in the new MC 32.0.18 version. Or at least to provide an option in the MC settings to have them independent.

Media files can have a lot of subtitle choices in them, so an automatic selection is useful, and it's something I use right now for them. But DVDs only have 2 or 3 choices, and I prefer to always make those choices in its menu, as sometimes the choices set both the subtitle and audio track at the same time (like audio commentary + subtitle commentary, or Japanese audio + English subtitles) and I like to do it like this than trying to fight with the automatic selection system and figure out which audio track goes with which subtitle track. Same for BluRay discs, I prefer to make a choice in the BluRay menu. This way both disc formats (DVD and BluRays) would work the same way, too.
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