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Author Topic: File structure on ripping CDs (classical music)  (Read 2437 times)


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File structure on ripping CDs (classical music)
« on: March 08, 2017, 11:08:44 am »

I am trying to get JR to set filenames in a logical way that I can find on my digital player.  I want something like a nesting Composer/Name of Piece/Track # + Track name. 
I've tried various ways of filename rules but for [composer] I often get unknown composer for [artist] sometimes I get the performer, sometimes the composer plus name of album, sometimes the track name.  I don't seem to be able to get a separate file for each different piece on a disk (eg Piano Trio No 1 and Piano Trio 2; etc. (This seems to be more a problem for classical as pop CDS seem to sort by album and artist).

I know I can use JR to view fields any way I want but my issue is getting the actual music files set down right on my drive during the ripping process.  I have been able to rename files and move things around in my document drive but it requires editing most files - and I'm trying to load hundreds of CDs. I want to rip CDs with JR as I believe it is better than itunes for this (?true).

If there is not an easy and consistent way to accomplish what I want will it work if I reorganise all my music files into nested folders after ripping then have JR reimport into a library?

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