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It's great as we can now fill in EPG Data from two Sources so I now have a complete EPG for all channels (most from IceTV and the rest from OTA).  One issue is that the EPG is updated by both sources you can get duplicated data appearing when there is a Time Difference for the same show (See pic).  I think the only way to address this will be if you can associate Channels with a particular/preferred EPG source (like you can with Tuners).

It's actually not too bad but here is a better example where the OTA EPG has schedule lots of little bits, where IceTV has one 3hr prog.

What are you using as your OTA EPG data source?

I ask because if you were using EPG Collector to collect MHEG5 or EIT OTA data, you could certainly restrict that to only gather data for the channels that IceTV doesn't provide data for. Hence, not overlap.

Note that I haven't looked at the functionality yet, so I could be misunderstanding exactly what it can do.

I'm using MC's inbuilt OTA DBA-T EPG grabber (once per day) and IceTV XML (once per 30mins).  Both are grabbing EPG data for the same channels hence the issue when there is differing start times on the same channel.

Okay. I guess using EPG Collector would be a solution now, and would allow the OTA EPG to be improved with better metadata.

But being able to select which channels are collected for each EPG source would be the real solution, as you said.


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