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Author Topic: NEW: Streaming  (Read 36925 times)


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Re: NEW: Streaming
« Reply #100 on: February 08, 2019, 02:15:12 pm »

All of the former "Connect Media" services are now under one top-level section called Streaming.  ....
I am using MC 24 ( current) to stream Napster along with all my actual music files.
The streaming issue seems nice, in that it allows one control center....but what about the music quality..? When streaming, if you pull up tools and Options...then audio and hit DSP and output....normally you see the music actually running through JRiver...but with Streaming, nothing appears to be running through it, and  if you hit the Equalizer, which I don't normally use, it will do nothing to the music...This leads me to believe that Napster is not really playing through the dramatically improved playback engine of JRiver, and there is no music benefit to playing a stream through JRiver...? It is worth mentioning that for Spotify, a 3rd party app exists....   ...< Fidelify uses Spotify Core to deliver streaming content directly to the soundcard, using either ASIO or WASAPI. This enables the user to easily avoid sampling conversion or mixing, ensuring a bit perfect stream.

Fidelify also supports convolution of the audio stream, to allow real time FIR filtering for active crossovers or room correction, and a VST plugin socket to apply third party DSP effects.>   And of course, this was what I was hoping for with JRiver and streaming.
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