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Author Topic: Identifying Album & Artist Names in imported Exact Audio CD album files  (Read 1720 times)


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I am completely new to JRiver & media software and have a very simple problem which Iím almost embarrassed to raise. Iíve tried to figure it out by working through the Wiki help files, but without any success.
The problem
Iíve put my CD music collection on disc using Exact Audio Copy giving me about 10,000 WAV files in a simple file structure,       i.e. A-Music category Name/B-Artist or Composer Name/C-Album Name/ D-Track Name.
Iíve imported these files into JRiver Media Center. All files have imported fine, and in Standard View JRiver displays the file structure, and associates the Track Name info with each track correctly.
However it doesnít fill in the Artist and Album column. How do I tell it which  field in the imported files listing is the Album and which is the Artist, without having to type it in for every track?
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