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Author Topic: Cutting the Cord -- Save $100 / Month  (Read 4713 times)


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Cutting the Cord -- Save $100 / Month
« on: November 03, 2020, 07:42:24 am »

[Topic under construction]

TV:  Eliminate Your Cable Bill -- Record and Watch TV with JRiver
You can reduce or eliminate your cable bill, as millions of others have already done.  It's not difficult and there's not much you'll miss.  You will even gain some quality in the TV image.

Here's how.  With very little new equipment, JRiver can record the high quality Over the Air TV signals in your area.  These are the digital stations that all local TV channels provide and that you can receive with an ordinary TV antenna.

You just need a TV tuner and an antenna (even an inside one will work in many locations).  We recommend a network tuner, such as the HDHomerun tuners from Silicondust.  You can put them anywhere on your network, and your computers can play from them in any other location.  You can also set up JRiver as a server that records from the tuner, so you can play the recordings from other locations on inexpensive low power computers.  The computers can, of course, use a TV as a display.

I dropped my cable service ten years ago.  It has saved me about $100 a month since I started using JRiver exclusively for watching and recording TV.  I've saved more than $10,000 !  Clearly worth the effort !

Importantly, the quality is visibly better than cable since you don't get the original quality from most cable channels because they are compressed by cable companies.  With JRiver, if the over-the-air (OTA / local channel) broadcast is in high resolution, that's exactly what you get when you watch or record it.  No cable add-on commercials.  No silly interface.  Just high quality broadcasting, on demand.  You can even skip TV commercials with a couple of clicks of a remote.

TV:  Silicondust Network Tuners
Silicondust offers several TV tuners.  They all work with JRiver Media Center.  You can use them to replace your cable subscription and save thousands of dollars or euros. 

JRiver Media Center 27 now supports the Silicondust EPG.  It costs $35/year.

JRiver's TV now works on Mac and Linux.  It requires a Silicondust TV Tuner that supports DLNA.

Tor Henrik Mikkelsgård

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Re: Cutting the Cord -- Save $100 / Month
« Reply #1 on: November 03, 2020, 01:18:50 pm »

Do i need a a network tuner or tv tuner, or is this the same?
Do i also need an antenna?
I live in norway.
What tuner antenna is recommended?


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Re: Cutting the Cord -- Save $100 / Month
« Reply #2 on: May 20, 2022, 11:20:50 pm »

   Remember one needs broadband to use MC software. Download program material etc. Network TV is probably not worth $100 per month. I figure about $5-10 monthly. For $100 you can get many more channels than CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX and PBS. Still a good deal. I figure some percent of my $80 per month broadband charge goes to my entertainment budget. Save some money and use it to help pay for your broadband service.
    Respectfully HVAC
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