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Author Topic: NEW: SiliconDust Streaming Support  (Read 4473 times)


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NEW: SiliconDust Streaming Support
« on: January 06, 2021, 08:47:04 am »

In MC27.0.49 and above, JRiver now offers full support for the streaming capabilities of modern SiliconDust TV tuners.

Media Center has supported SiliconDust tuners for many years, and now it supports their server capabilities (UPnP). 

You can watch SD's stream, and use time shifting and recording.  In MC, it behaves just as any other TV tuner does.

Most importantly, this now lets MC provide TV capabilities on MacOS and Linux.  It also works on Windows, though you are better off to use SiliconDust's native network TV support.

When you select the TV Tuner Device to use in MC, choose the one(s) that end in (DMS).  DMS is SD's Digital Media Server.

Details when running Television Setup:

1. Choose "Streaming from a network tuner" on "Service Type" page. 
2. On the next setup page, "Tuner Stream" will be the only selection for "Tuner Type".  You can now select a tuner device from the drop-down list under "Select a DMS device". Note that you need to run setup once for each such devices.
3. On the next page MC list all tuners on the same device (two tuners for HDHomeRun EXTEND, three tuners for HDHomeRun PRIME, for example).  You can decide how many you want to use, but usually you would just select them all.
4. The rest of Setup should be similar to any other devices, including EPG selection.  If you have EPG subscription from SiliconDust, you should select it.

Note: The tuner type is variably referred to as "Tuner Stream" or "DMS".  In MC terminology they are equivalent.

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