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Author Topic: Driving Yamaha WXC50 embedded Deezer from MC31  (Read 583 times)


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Driving Yamaha WXC50 embedded Deezer from MC31
« on: June 21, 2023, 12:23:46 pm »

Hi all,
I have been using MC since version 23, but only as a na´ve user and for listening to music.
My configuration is as follow:
Music tracks are stored on a Synology NAS, referenced by MC and played through a Yamaha WXC50 (a MusicCast device) via DLNA.
The WXC50 is also able to play from Deezer via its Ethernet connection. This is of course providing a much better sound than via WiFi (Iphone, etc.)

However, this means that the Deezer playlists can only be accessed either via the Deezer apps or the MusicCast Yamaha app.

I would like to create an "interface" between MC31 and the WX50 so as to:
- collect the Deezer playlist from the WXC50 using the MusicCast API
- populate an MC31 "Deezer" library with this data (playlists, album, titles, images,...)
- send the right playing commands to the WXC50 when requested from the MC standard.

I already have a quick MusicCast prototype in Visual Studio c#, but no clue on what would be the simplest way to create this library in MC31.
Where should I start ?

Many thanks for your insights


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Re: Driving Yamaha WXC50 embedded Deezer from MC31
« Reply #1 on: July 04, 2023, 04:29:04 pm »

Anyone ??
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