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Author Topic: Dragon Lee Responds to Rude Customer Reviews  (Read 363 times)


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Dragon Lee Responds to Rude Customer Reviews
« on: November 07, 2023, 10:50:22 am »

This is priceless.

From The Atlantic

The food “was absolutely terrible,” a Google reviewer recently wrote in a one-star rating—so bad that he later called to ask if there had been a sudden change of chefs. (There had not.) The reviewer, who didn’t respond to an interview request, wrote that he threw most of his meal in the garbage. “I will never go back,” he wrote. “Disgusting!”

Dragon Lee could have ignored the response, or apologized profusely. It did neither. “Learn to spell and use grammar,” the restaurant replied—calling out his misspelled “General Soe’s python.” The idea that Dragon Lee had changed chefs was laughable: Since the start of the pandemic, the restaurant wrote, no one has wanted to work long hours in a hot kitchen. “WE DO NOT WANT TO DEAL WITH CUSTOMERS LIKE YOU AND YOU DO NOT DESERVE OUR SERVICE!” concluded the reply. “DO US AND EVERYONE A FAVOR, DO NOT EVER COME BACK TO THIS PLACE EVER AGAIN.”
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