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Author Topic: Potential Additional Updates in MC32  (Read 185 times)


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Potential Additional Updates in MC32
« on: March 07, 2024, 11:45:15 am »

I added these to the Wish List for 32, but since I've not heard anything back, would like to bring them up again. 

With the Custom Tooltip / Theater View as a main focus, I think that these enhancements would all come into line with some of the future vision of JRiver Media Center.

Background for Media Sub-Types customizable in Theater View.  Currently unable to show Artist backgrounds for Videos (ex. music concert video's) in theater view if media subtype is not Movie.,136857.msg949568.html#msg949568

In theater view if you have a customized field that has a variety of expressions in it, it will not create a "large box" that allows you to scroll through all of the data.  Example one expression field that might have multiple expressions with AMG Artist Born, AMG Artist Died, AMG Artist Style, AMG Artist Biography, etc. and would you not be able to see of this data at once.

Potential to scroll in Tooltip display.  Some data such as AMG Album Review, AMG Artist Biography, AMG Track Review can be very long and it would be great to review this data using Tooltip.,135912.msg942526.html#msg942526

Ability to show Tooltip information on a display with video content.  It would be nice to see the description, budget, rating, producer, etc. of a movie or concert video while the video is actually playing without having to stop the play of the video.  An icon could be added to the center top display (when cursor is used) to show the tooltip.

Consistency between ToolTips, THV and TrackInfo customization.  Example I can use Listitem in TT and THV to display band members or actors but unable to use that syntax in Trackinfo programs.  This is probably a bigger issue that I understand.

Thanks for listening.

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