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Author Topic: How Not to Break Napster DRM?  (Read 2927 times)


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How Not to Break Napster DRM?
« on: January 29, 2004, 06:45:26 pm »

I'm using File/Import to bring my Napster folder tracks into my MC library to merge with my ripped CD collection. Napster has a Sync/Resotre feature which will indicate lots of files I need to resync each month (using up 1 of 3 downloads each time) IF I make a false step in MC.

Can others confirm or tell me what they CAN and CAN'T do so far as breaking the Napster DRM is concerned? It's sometimes hard to tell because the DRM is updated monthly and might not immediately fail after an MC action is taken.

For example,
1) I think I can change any parameters in the library AS LONG AS I don't Update Tags from Library. Yes?
2) The Tag Info windows seems a bit of a misnomer. It shows the changes I make to the library BUT these are NOT written to the file's tags UNLESS I choose Update File Tags from Library. (So it's a "Library Tag" window?) Yes?
3) It DOES now seem I can analyze audio. The stats show up in the Tag Info window but the File Modified Date doesn't change so I'm hoping nothing is being written to the file itself. Can MC admins confirm that nothing is being written into the file (or that Napster won't detect it next month if it is)?
4) I assume I should NEVER Update Tags from Library. Yes?
5) I assume I should NEVER Rename Files from Properties. Yes?

Napster makes it pretty necessary to modify Genre and album and other info because of its crappy tagging quality. As long as I can do this in the library, keep the info in the library and keep the data linked to the unaltered Napster files, then I can seamlessly play my own ripped music and my downloaded Napster tunes, which is pretty cool.


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Re:How Not to Break Napster DRM?
« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2004, 11:57:32 pm »


I've done quite a bit to my Napster files (at least via the Library on MC), and I've yet to render any unplayable.  It seems -- actually to my surprise -- that the system is pretty forgiving.

Just know that you if you share a song with a friend, he or she won't be able to play it, MC or not :(
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