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Author Topic: Music Videos and Media Center  (Read 4720 times)


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Music Videos and Media Center
« on: January 10, 2005, 03:34:46 am »

I've recently started collecting music videos in addition to Audio MP3's. Other than the obvious way of saving them to disk and playing them via media center, is anyone else familiar with ways of playing music videos (and streaming music videos) in Media Center? It would be great to be able to put together a playlist of videos from one or several sites on the internet and play them. I've also been playing around with Launch ( and ManiaTV ( and was wondering if there was any way to get them to launch and play via media center rather than in their own browser windows, as I use media center in Theatre View on a MediaPC, and being able to access everything via one interface is important. The two streaming site I mention above aren't bad, but the quality just isn't there for full-screen videos (I think they're streaming @ 300Kbps). Are there sites which stream higher bandwidth videos? Also, does anyone know if there are sites where you can purchase music videos, much as you can mp3's?


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Re: Music Videos and Media Center
« Reply #1 on: February 08, 2005, 06:09:29 pm »

Good information.
I too am interested in the video side of music.  My not play the song with video instead of just music. 
I have gone in the live concert direction.  purchasing live concerts of my favorite artists and then breaking them apart into the individual songs.  Now I can que up multiple songs from multiple artists and when they play, I see the artist performing it live. 
This works fairly well. But I have one problem.  I have not settled on the interface between my PC and the living room TV/stereo system.  I currently do listen to playlist on my home stereo via the PC.  I run direct wires from the PC to the stereo.  But I have no control over the songs other than the order at the beginning.  My take is that MC should be a true Media Center Jukebox with the ability to see the "jukebox" on a monitor setting with the stereo equipment and seeting the selections play on the TV.....
There are lots of gagets that will connect to your PC/TV/Stereo, but they all or most require some interface.  TIVO is a great example.  Why TIVO.  Why not record and store TV shows and DVD movies, and live concerts, and mp3 music on the Media Center and have access to all of it from the TV remotely via wireless remote.  Everything on the PC and controlled via wireless remote to the stereo and TV.  Just seems logical.
If anybody is doing this, please let me know.


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Re: Music Videos and Media Center
« Reply #2 on: February 08, 2005, 06:15:32 pm »

I'm not certain what you would like, but take a look at this thread on UPnP Devices aka Media Receivers aka Media Streamers:
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