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Author Topic: Thanks for trying Performer  (Read 1639 times)


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Thanks for trying Performer
« on: October 30, 2008, 07:46:54 pm »

A number of people have signed up the last few days.  I just wanted to say thanks for your interest and confidence in JRiver.  Please let us know how we can improve the experience.



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Re: Thanks for trying Performer
« Reply #1 on: October 30, 2008, 09:31:41 pm »

I like what I'm seeing so far. It's really tough to stump it when looking for music.  It's also nice to see this service offered by a company I've grown to trust and respect over the years.

That said, there's a few things I'd like to mention. I'm hoping to see an improved shopping experience. I'd like to click on the new or featured parts of the home page and see an expanded list. An amazon-like 'people who downloaded this also downloaded... list would be nice. Browsing through a 3d view of available albums is  8). Will PMC ever be able to scan my ML and make recommendations?

I'd use a single click button to dl an entire album. A lot. Perhaps I'm showing my age, but I still do music via albums...

I've seen errors in adding a large number of files to my player when downloading directly from the site to my Sansa. The errors don't bother me so much. What bugs me is there isn't an easy way to see what files were skipped. I had to visually compare track lists one album at a time to see what didn't make it. Perhaps a pop up window saying "there were errors, would you like to try those files again" could be added? (I could add every file that was skipped the next time, BTW)

Could you maybe add a "sync to handheld" column next to the download and buy columns?

I really hope to see Performer added to MC 13. If not, support in PMC, please?

I also want to see options to pay for a year or three in advance, with a nice discount attached. I do so for my XM radio subscription and would like to do the same here. Who needs monthly bills?

You should also mention that you can buy lossless WMA files through PMC. I can't see spending $$ to buy a lossy format, but lossless, perhaps.



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Re: Thanks for trying Performer
« Reply #2 on: October 31, 2008, 10:08:04 am »

Just a couple of quick notes.

It isn't one click but if you select a bunch of songs and hit the download button on any of them it will download all the selected files.

It isn't a button but drag and drop does work on the file list.  So if you want to sync a song to a handheld just drag it to the handheld.


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Re: Thanks for trying Performer
« Reply #3 on: November 01, 2008, 09:55:00 am »

  Please let us know how we can improve the experience.


Just gave it a go and I really like what I see. I love the fact that send to a playlist automatically adds the album to the main library so the streamed albums feel like part of the whole collection. I mainly listen to alternative and classical music. The first seems pretty well covered the latter pretty sparse. Also with classical music the composer tag is not filled and not always part of the artist field so it makes stuff more difficult to find. Sometimes it helps when using the search field...but I think better and more detailed tagged albums could improve the whole experience a lot with classical music.

A showstopper for me on a personal level is that I use a Nokia n800 to control mc. The artist and biography field does not seem to be able to be collapsed with the small arrows between it and de albums field. This leaves very little room for the albums. Also I would liketo be able to customize the linkbar to show less items...

great work so far :)

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