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Author Topic: MC Developers: Can Performer store be disabled?  (Read 2599 times)


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MC Developers: Can Performer store be disabled?
« on: October 07, 2009, 12:35:52 pm »

Dear Developers,

It is not good manners to start downloading and installing something without first asking permission and explaining what it is and why. Please reconsider.

I have registered MC14 just recently, so there are many features that are new to me. When I click the "Performer store" link, MC14 starts to download something - but I don't know what it is and I'm not sure I want it. If it's a paid subscription service (as I gather from reading posts in this forum), I don't want it. If it's DRM-burdened music, I don't want it. If it's music I can only play in MC, but not in other players or portables, I don't want it. They probably don't sell to my country anyway (only guessing, since Amazon doesn't, iTunes doesn't, etc). These are all "ifs" - but how could I know if you don't explain?

There seems to be no mention of Performer store in the Help wiki, either (at least the search finds no matches - please correct me if I'm wrong). You're asking me to download and install something entirely unknown. I don't presume to speak for others, but I'm never going to allow that on my computer.

What remains is the annoyance of having to cancel the download and wait a little every time I acciedntally click the Performer store link. Is there a way to remove it from the interface, please?

On the same note, I would also like to disable displaying the amazonmp3 page, since it's useless to me. Perhaps a better use for the "Start" page would be to show recently played tracks, or something similar. Is this configurable?

Thanks a lot for considering my request!


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Re: MC Developers: Can Performer store be disabled?
« Reply #1 on: October 07, 2009, 01:21:43 pm »

It has a cancel button.

You can Hide the store in Plug-in Manager.

Alex B

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Re: MC Developers: Can Performer store be disabled?
« Reply #2 on: October 07, 2009, 02:00:33 pm »

The Performer Store feature can be familiar only to those users who have closely followed the forum discussions. Some time ago I suggested that it would be good to create a nice introductory page that would be displayed when the user selects the Perfomer Store item in the tree. After the store component is downloaded and installed it would go directly to the store.

May I suggest to add an informative advertisement that would show up when the Performer store is clicked in the tree? Currently it appears to directly start a download (14+ MB) without first giving any indication of what it is about. If Internet is not available or the connection is blocked by a firewall the tree node doesn't work at all.

In addition to showing a brief summary of the Performer Subscription system (this should be available even if the computer is not connected) it should provide a link to a more complete online performer store information site, a "start using" button that would download the needed software components (is it just the database?), and also a button that would hide the store from the tree (it would switch it off in the plugin manager and it would be possible to make it available again).
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