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Author Topic: bug with library and isrange  (Read 3728 times)


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bug with library and isrange
« on: February 10, 2011, 12:20:51 am »

So I am just starting to bring things into MC15 after spending a lot of time on the forums figuring out best practices and stuff and have run into a few issues:

I imported some of the Weird Al albums I have and discovered that one of them had been tagged as Wierd Al.  I selected all the albums and changed the tag to Weird Al, used the 'rename move and copy tool' and when under the audio artists view it shows 'Weird Al' for all of the albums except 'Running with Scissors' which shows as 'Wierd Al'.  Under that album the ID3 tag the artist is correct as Weird Al and the the 'rename move and copy' tool says no change.  How can I get this fixed so it shows up under the name that it is tagged as?

Also, trying to 'Rename move and copy' this always goes to true (and will display # even when the artist starts with something other than a number):
but this works:

...and this makes no sense to me: I have items in the now playing list and have stopped on a particular song.  I add another album to the now playing list and it adds it to the end but starts playing it.  How can I get it to just queue it up and stay on the song that was last playing?



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Re: bug with library and isrange
« Reply #1 on: February 10, 2011, 10:30:38 am »

Welcome to Interact.

For the artist, double-check the 'Album Artist' column.

If you customize that, it will override the artist value in some cases like folder naming and artist / album browsing.

As for IsRange(...), if you enter a numeric range, it also converts the first parameter to a number.  When we convert 'A' or 'X' or any other letter to a number, it comes out as 0.  I can see how this would cause you trouble, but I'm also nervous that changing it could cause other people trouble.

A special function like FirstLetter(...) might almost be the easiest and safest.

What do you think?
Matt Ashland, JRiver Media Center


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Re: bug with library and isrange
« Reply #2 on: February 10, 2011, 11:19:55 am »

ah that's what it was - I hadn't noticed it under the tag window.  Thanks!

yeah a function like that would be great :)  though now thinking about it, wouldn't Mid(...) return the same thing?  I just found

after posting.

ah though actually that would created a 0-9 directory and I'd much rather have all of those under a # dir since there aren't a lot.  Maybe an IsNumeric function is possible? or an optional parameter to FirstLetter to tell it to return # instead of the number?


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Re: bug with library and isrange
« Reply #3 on: January 28, 2013, 01:39:21 pm »

Discussion in this thread:

I tripped over this again for the nth time.  Its a stinker and the current implementation is not so useful.

I'd like to propose a change to IsRange() to Do the Right Thing.

   IsRange(arg, n-m,...)

   - Support ASCII collation
   - Never convert arg
   - If arg is more than a single non-digit, return FALSE
   - If arg is one or more digits, and n and m are both numeric, return n <= argument <= m
   - If arg is a single character, and n and m are both single characters, use ASCII collation as comparison
   - Support multiple single-character ranges: 0-9,a-z,A-Z (letters,digits) or !-/,:-@,[-`,{-~  (punctuation)
   - Escape dash with / in ASCII collation mode
   - Support negative ranges: -10-/-100
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