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Author Topic: NEWS -- Media Center 16 Stable  (Read 17118 times)


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NEWS -- Media Center 16 Stable
« on: June 30, 2011, 09:39:44 am »

This newsletter just went out.  If you own an MC16 license, or you bought MC15 after January 1, 2011, you can just download MC16 and install it.  There will be no charge.

If you have questions or comments, please Post Here.

JRiver Media Center is the highest quality media system available.  It
plays more media formats on more devices with less trouble.  It's the
Extreme Media Solution.

You can upgrade now to MC16 Stable for $26.98.  Please visit:

Here's a very recent quote from MC user "horse":

"Just wanted to say that I upgraded to MC 16, loaded a Blu-ray Disc in the
drive (have AnyDVDHD already installed) and it just worked!!!  Thanks to
all who worked on this and made it as easy as watching a DVD.  Well worth
the upgrade price just for that.   MC is one of the few programs that I
continue to upgrade with each release (since MC11)."

Thanks, horse!

The Ultimate Audiophile Solution
MC16 has bit perfect playback.  Now with improved support for power
amplifiers, bi-amping, subwoofer calibration, and more.  MC's new audio
engine is 64-bit floating point, providing four billion times more
precision than the previous 32-bit engine.  Improved quality MP3 decoder
(for times when you don't have a FLAC or APE).  Native support for Apple
Lossless (ALAC).

Netflix at its Best
Better support for series/episodes and full screen mode.  Browse Netflix by
Genre or choose from Recommended.  It's how Netflix should look, and it
works well with our Media Center Remote.

Blu-ray!  Now Playing!
MC will now play a Blu-ray rip or a Blu-ray disc (a Blu-ray reader -- DVD
Fab Passkey or AnyDVD HD -- is required).  More here:

Theater View Has More Bling
Better categorization of videos into Movies, Television, and Home
Video.  Automatic display of Blu-ray or DVD depending on disc
inserted.  New high-quality backdrops for television shows.

LAV and MAD Make Video Clearer
MC16 introduces the work of two of the best open source developers, authors
of important projects that split audio and video, and render them in high
quality.  We now support these in our Red October modes, and we're grateful
to these two devs, nevcairiel and madshi, for their fine work and for their
good humored cooperation on the Red October project.  MC16 now uses madVR,
considered by many to be the best video renderer available.  Just choose
Red October HQ under Options/Video.  Requires build 116 or higher and a PC
with plenty of power.  The LAV suite includes a high quality splitter and
audio decoder.  MC also supports LAV CUVID as an additional filter.

Red October -- DirectShow Video That Just Works
MC has been a DirectShow video player for several years, but DirectShow can
be difficult to configure.  Not any more.  Now you can set playback to our
new Red October mode and it will just work.  MC will download "known good"
filters when required, install them and set them up.  MC uses its own file
location, and builds a reliable DirectShow graph without interfering with
your current DirectShow configuration.  This is a major advance in video
reliability and quality.

Surround Sound Up or Down
JRiver Surround Sound mixing provides high quality upmixing (stereo to
5.1, 5.1 to 7.1, ...) and downmixing (5.1 to stereo, 7.1 to 4.0...).

Download Channels Deliver Your MC Automatically
MC now has two download channels to which you can subscribe.  When you
select either of these under Tools/Options/Startup, MC will check on
startup to see if a new download is available.  If so, it will download the
file, and show an "Install" button in the Action Window.  Stable is the
download normally found on our download page, the best combination of
stability and features.  Latest is the build normally found on the MC16
board, with the latest feature set, but possibly less stable.

Images Located on Google
GPS support for images, including display on Google maps.  Requires a
camera that supports GPS.

Zones are Easier
When you set up a second playback zone -- a DLNA renderer, for example, or
another pair of speakers, you will now find the zone under Playing Now, so
you can drag files to it for playback.

Using VideoClock, you can achieve ultra smooth video playback.  VideoClock
makes minor adjustments to the rate of audio playback so that video is
played in perfect sync with your display's refresh rate.

Remote Control
Our MC Remote lets you control MC from across the room.  No setup is required.

DLNA Depth
MC has the best support for distributed playback of any player.  Play
content to a PS3, xBox, or play to MC from a DLNA enabled NAS drive.

You can upgrade now to MC16 Stable for $26.98.  Please visit:

Best regards,

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