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Author Topic: JRemote: Port Forwarding Airport on a Mac EDIT: NOT NEEDED (Solution posted)  (Read 1665 times)


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I'm editing this post to explain my situation and a proper solution.  Please don't port forward your Mac to make JRemote work.  I'm sorry to have posted this but feel this post will correct the original post 100%.

In summary, I was using an Airport Extreme and didn't realize I had selected my iPhone to run on the Airport Express' "Guest Network" not the "Main" network.  I thought my only solution was to port forward (and it worked) BUT that isn't necessary and has been turned off so I won't have a network exposure. 

I never even thought that being on the "Guest Network" would make a difference but of course it does.  Well, I switched my iPhone to the "Main" wifi network and it works perfectly now! 

A big thank you to Paul Raulerson on Computer Audiophile Forum for taking the time to PM me some ideas (not to mention warnings against port forwarding).  His suggestions were so simple and, of course worked.

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