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Author Topic: Sync and Genre  (Read 1105 times)

Vincent Kars

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Sync and Genre
« on: August 30, 2014, 10:11:59 am »

All the audio I sinc to my portable is classical
Much to my surprise I see genres like Disco, Dance etc. in the sync panel

Using an editor, I opened the MP3 on the Phone

ID3   _vTIT2   4   Sonate En Si Bemol H513 (Wq77) - 1Allegro Di Molto TPE1      Amandine Beyer Edna Stern TPE2      Amandine Beyer/Edna Stern TALB   ;   Bach CPE: Sonates Pour Violon Et Pianoforte; Beyer, Stern TRCK      1 TPOS      0 TYER      2005 TCON      (03.07) Chamber Music>Duet TCOM   (   Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel (1714-1788) TPUB         Zig-Zag APIC

No "Dance"  genre in sight

There is also a  JRInfo.xml on the phone

<Field Name="Path">Music\Bach CPE  Sonates Pour Violon Et Pianoforte; Beyer, Stern\(01)Sonate_En_Si_Bemol_H513_(Wq77)_-_1Allegro_Di_Molto.mp3</Field>
<Field Name="MetaData">(2:13)(9:File Size)(7:9496540)(4:Name)(50:Sonate En Si Bemol H513 (Wq77) - 1Allegro Di Molto)(7:Bitrate)(1:0)(10:Media Type)(5:Audio)(7:Track #)(1:0)(11:Date (year))(4:2005)(19:WMDM: Persistent ID)(38:{0623065D-061B-063E-C105-E705B3051C06})(6:Artist)(14:Amandine Beyer)(5:Genre)(5:Dance)(8:Composer)(38:Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel (1714-1788))(17:WMDM: User Rating)(1:0)(5:Album)(57:Bach CPE: Sonates Pour Violon Et Pianoforte; Beyer, Stern)(8:Duration)(3:404)</Field>
<Field Name="HHKey">(01)Sonate_En_Si_Bemol_H513_(Wq77)_-_1Allegro_Di_Molto.mp3&#x1;9496540&#x1;</Field>

Here the genre is Dance and this is what is displayed in the sync panel in JRiver
Care to correct this?
BTW: I posted this before (November 2013)
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