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Author Topic: [Solved] MC hangs at "Buffering..."  (Read 1072 times)


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[Solved] MC hangs at "Buffering..."
« on: September 23, 2014, 12:38:13 pm »

I am opening a new topic for this as I believe I have found and fixed the main problem. Wungun, OP of the other thread started to talk about thread hijacking so I decided to stay away.

Please read my post here and the following posts in the thread to see where it started:

JimH: if you see it relevant and/or find the time, feel free to move posts into this thread.

The solution: Some time ago I checked Intel's support site for driver updates for my NUC, a DC53427. I found a new bios version, new chipset (inf) drivers and network card driver. Most important, the new drivers where also Windows Server 2012 R2 compliant.

With the new drivers installed MC has played without the constant crashing behaviour I have complained about earlier. I used MC19 when I updated drivers and upgraded to MC20 as soon as it was available. First I had flac files on the local drive, then I connected to the NAS share where I store music files. I've played through MC's "100 random songs" playlist several times with no problem. Normally the crashes and "Buffering..." would mostly occur when I switched while playing a 192 or 96kHz file to 44.1. This no longer happens, even with music files on a mapped share from my NAS.
I still see crashes from time to time - or maybe a better description is hang, but these are now similar to what 6233628 describe in this thread: After pause or stop for some time a hang is more likely to occur.

For myself I have all the time thought of this as multiple issues as it has been very difficult to pin the cause to one single problem. Even looking at logs was confusing and inconclusive. As I installed all the upgrades and bios at the same time I can not be certain what actually sorted the problem.

Hendrik, Glynor, JimH  and others; you were right; it was not a fault in MC that caused the problems. With crashes caused by driver issues out of the way I hope it will be easier to spot the remaining problem wether it lies in MC or the OS.

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