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Author Topic: Blu-ray incorrect Streams listed on playback  (Read 628 times)


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Blu-ray incorrect Streams listed on playback
« on: October 10, 2014, 03:21:30 pm »

New to Blu-ray with MC.

Just tried a  first time handful of BD-Audio discs from 2L.  They offer audio as (1.) DTS MA HD 5.1 192k, (2.)  DTS MA HD 7.1 96k and (3.) LPCM 2.0 at 192k.  In Display View, pulled up the menu for the disc and looked at Streams.  They show the 3 audio possibilities, but the DTS MA HD possibilities (1.) and (2.) are both  given as 48k 5.1.  Yet, checking the audio path back in Standard view confirms that (1.)  plays in 5.1 192k and (2.)  in 7.1 96k.  The LPCM stereo (3.) is ok both in the Stream display and playback.

This was true in both Releases 19 and 20.

Also, an Arthaus Rigoletto BD-V from Zurich Opera lists two Streams as DTS MA HD 5.1 48k and LPCM stereo at 48k. The DTS stream is 7.1 according to Audio Path and the disk cover.  The 48k sampling rates are correct.
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