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Author Topic: Sync handheld speed and time calculation  (Read 1032 times)


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Sync handheld speed and time calculation
« on: October 23, 2014, 10:16:57 am »

I think there is something wrong with how transfer speed, time and % is calculated.

I am syncing 18381 files, 4210 which are already mp3 the rest needs to be converted. I am converting 4 files at a time.

I have mounted a USB 3 disk to /mnt/usb, which is my handheld sync path. Filetype is mp3 only. Converter is lame set to VBR high, 4 conversion threads.

Sync stats are consistently well above 100 MB/s, often up to 500 MB/s, sometimes for minutes well above 250 MB/s. It says it will take 6,5 hours, it has said that from the start.

I will end up with about 135 GB of mp3's after the sync.

Here's the thing. The USB disk doesn't do >100 MB/s. It's a USB powered 2.5" disk. And if it did, it wouldn't take 6.5 hours.

But if it does close its max, let's say 80 MB/s, it should take less than an hour. But if it really takes 6.5 hours, its doing ~6MB/s which sounds like its possible on a USB disk.

So I have no idea what its calculating, but not much makes sense :).
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