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Author Topic: Media Network changes  (Read 686 times)


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Media Network changes
« on: November 03, 2014, 02:49:38 am »

I'll have a crack at trying to simplify the "Tools --> Options --> Media Network" section

[] Enable DLNA Server (allows many Hardware and also Media Center Clients to access this library)
     ... Access Key
     ... Add or configure DLNA device profiles (including Customising Views)
         Note: I'd suggest that the MC Client settings as one of the pre defined DLNA Profiles that the user can the add/remove/config just like the others.
         Note: I'd suggest a third button "Discover" running DMR Analyser (a later extension would be for it to ideally be then used to generate a New Profile

[] Enable MCWS (includes Gizmo, WebGizmo , etc)
     ... Configure Gizmo & WebGizmo (including Customising Views and Appearance)

[] Require Authentication (for both DLNA and MCWS access)

[] DLNA Renderer (allow other DLNA Devices to control Media Center on this computer)
[] DLNA Controller (control other DLNA Devices)

> Advanced
     {} TCP Port
     {} Additional share paths
     {} Interfaces to ignore
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