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Author Topic: Please, can i've back Average Number Of Plays  (Read 711 times)


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Please, can i've back Average Number Of Plays
« on: December 20, 2014, 11:38:47 am »

Now that the end of the year is here i've trying to make my own Top Listened List, and i've found this problem that i hadn't in other versions.

Well, i've to say that i listen a lot of Singles of eps with 2-6 songs on it. With this Total number of plays that there's now it happen that if i listen 1 time one cd with 16 songs, in the Top Listened list will be before one single with 2 songs that i've listened 7 times. Even i can go to extremes of some 2CD with more than 60 songs that if i listen only 2 times will be in top list for a long time while that 2 song single that i've listened 20 times maybe it does not will appear in the top. Totally unfair  ;)

For Instance, in my 50 Top List of last year (with MC15) there is 30 lp's  and 20 ep's, in my 50 Top List of this year there's only 3 ep's and 'cause they have more than 10 songs. I know that if it will appear as Average will be similar to last year.

¿There's a way of get Average Number of Plays to can use in some views?

And as i'm here writing this i'll ask one more thing

¿Is there a way to know the number of plays between some particular dates? For instance : how much times i've listened one record only in the last year, or between March-2014 November-2014. Again this is cool for Top Listened playlists, but i guess that won't be easy
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