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Author Topic: Newbie Questions JR20/JRemote  (Read 754 times)


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Newbie Questions JR20/JRemote
« on: December 20, 2014, 08:45:10 pm »

Long time watcher and tester but never fully committed because the benefits didn't seem worth it for the steep learning curve...but, now that JRemote seems to have matured enough, I'm ready to jump in 100%...if I can figure out some weird features.

Running JR20 on a SERV2012R2 machine, has a local monitor/keyboard (for now), direct connection to externalDAC and HiFi. JRemote running on an IPAD AIR and main control/configuration is from an upstairs desktop via Microsoft RDC. Library is 6000+ albums, more or less externally cleaned up and tag corrected, +95% of albums have folder.jpg artwork in folders (not embedded). Have a couple of original iPads available for control or display purposed but they are limited to earlier versions of JRemote due to IOS upgrade limitations.

I love the current capabilities of JRemote - given a properly tagged Library, it makes selection and control very easy and is wife/guest friendly. I currently have a monitor sitting on top of the hifi stack that looks darn impressive showing image displays while the music is playing but there are some issues.

Main questions so far:

1. Where does the NowPlaying image display get its pictures and is there a way to filter/control them. It appears that 80% of the pictures being displayed are ..correct, but 20% are wrong/inappropriate - for example Patti Griffin will show mostly pictures related to Patti Griffin the singer but will also randomly show pictures somehow related to random other people named Patti Griffin - most seem pretty innocuous and are irritating if obviously wrong but I am worried something embarrassing might show show up at an inopportune moment in the middle of a party playlist?

2. It seems like I can (usually) get to just showing the folder.jpg and it seems to keep the display alive while playing but once the playlist is over, the machine seems to go into sleep mode and I have to log in again...which is a pain. Is there a way to keep the machine from logging out, no problem with the monitor going black as long as I can force it to reawaken when the music starts again? Any suggestions?

3. Probably not really a JRiver issue, but when I log in remotely to the Server it logs off the local user and shows the Windows Log in screen, is there a way to disable this so I don't have to locally log in after every remote session to get back to showing the desktop display view?

4. Not entirely sure I want or need to keep the monitor at the HiFi but the folder.jpg display is VERY nice...I thought about putting an IPad or tablet on the stack as a permanent control/display leaving the server headless but it would appear that when showing the JRemote fullscreen now-playing display, it doesn't get updated when the track or album changes - is this a limitation in JRemote or in my configuration abilities?

Any and all comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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