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Author Topic: Merging folders - weeding out dups finally with smartlists [advice needed]  (Read 956 times)


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Hi all - Happy New Year.

One of my NY's resolutions is to get organized.

I'm trying to merge some folders on disk using MC.

I have been playing around with some smartlists to manually remove duplicates, but I want to remove duplicates of audio files which may have subtle album spelling differecnes or file sizes difference due to Mp3 encoding, but if a higher sample rate file exists retain that and remove all others.

I have a large library of DSD, it's out of the loop here but I have FLAC and MP3 mixed.

I was hoping to display a View where if a duplicate exists in MP3 but there is a FLAC version, remove the MP3. In some cases I have a FLAC and (2) copies of album in Mp3 (with various album spellings). Then I was going to do a bulk Rename:

ListBuild(1,/ -/ , [Album Artist (auto)], Delimit([Year,0],/),/(), Delimit([Disc #,0],,Disc/ ), [Album], /[FixCase([File Type],3)Delimit(If(IsRange([Sample Rate,0],1000-999999),    Delimit(Math([Sample Rate,0]/1000),kHz,),    If(IsRange([Sample Rate,0],1000000-9999999),    Delimit(Math(trunc([Sample Rate,0]/1000000,1)),MHz,),)),,/ -/ )/])

Any thoughts on how to do this? I would just leave the files on disk and use the scheme to filter them out. But with 500K files I feel the need to delete the dups as they number probably 40-50K.

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