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Author Topic: MC 20 User Control feature improvement ?  (Read 806 times)


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MC 20 User Control feature improvement ?
« on: February 04, 2015, 10:47:00 pm »


(I am just thinking out loud to see if improvements can be made to the remote log in capability of MC)

Any way to improve on the user control feature within MC. The media network normally requires server info such as IP address or Access key and user name, but I found a situation either using Gizmo or EOS, whereby my playlist is exposed to another caller or user of Gizmo or EOS.
currently the user control feature is not tied to any of the remote control applications written for MC.

The user control file could be as simple as adding additional log in name and password within the MCWS file.
Access level will then be set up for the root or admin, then maybe two or more type of permission levels for others.
In the mid 80's, I used to run a bbs called (Ebony Bbs) in Kansas City, we had to use permission levels to grant access to callers. Some callers who donate will have access to door games and get more time. I am just using my BBS days as example.
revamping the user control features in MC will let the root or admin have ability to do remote administration if need be.
In my bbs days level 0 was the highest reserved for the sysop, then any thing from 1-9 will be assigned to various types of callers.

I hope Matt will take a look at this request.

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