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Author Topic: "Resume playback using bookmarks" not working for audio files  (Read 853 times)


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Although I have this option (see title) set to "Ask", playback positions aren't bookmarked for my audio files, and I'm never asked...
As a 'General' setting this should affect both video and audio files, why doesn't it?

!! Addendum: Sorry, I hadn't checked the Wiki first... now discovered the 'Bookmarking' section which explains it in great detail (!).

However, the so called "decision logic" isn't very user friendly, nor is the restriction to only bookmark audio files of the "Podcast" and "Audiobook" type!
Kindly let users decide themselves, preferably on a general basis, e.g. to "Enable bookmarks for all video/audio files", perhaps with a 2nd option to use it only when a file was played more then XY seconds etc...).
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