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Author Topic: Buffering problems with multichannel audio  (Read 1982 times)


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Buffering problems with multichannel audio
« on: June 23, 2015, 03:53:57 pm »

Hello, crew.  I just got in one of the new miniDSP U-DAC8 multichannel DACs.  Cool concept.  I have it up and running with JR19 on my CAPS 3 Lagoon server (that has the Intel Atom N2800 1.86 GHz processor, with 4GB RAM) using the USBStreamer ASIO driver from miniDSP.  No problems with 2 channel audio -- but I have a fine Bel Canto DAC to deal with that.  When playing multichannel iso files, I get re-buffering every five seconds.  I have set the miniDSP unit to "extra safe" and the maximum ASIO sample buffering available.  I've tried the JRiver at 10 seconds prebuffering and 500 ms buffering, along with trying to play from memory only -- all to no avail.  I thought maybe playing off of my NAS created issues, so I stored one multichannel album iso on the CAPS server to see if that would help.  No luck.  I tried the USBStreamer WASAPI driver.  The same.  Sounds very nice for five seconds regardless of settings -- but that won't cut it, obviously.  Is the CAPS server just simply too underpowered to handle multichannel audio, or are there some additional tweaks I can try to fix this?  All help appreciated.  Thanks.  JCR


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Re: Buffering problems with multichannel audio
« Reply #1 on: June 23, 2015, 04:40:57 pm »

Looks like that CPU is probably underpowered for the task, being an Atom.
Multi-channel DSD is the most CPU-intensive format that you could play.
That said, it doesn't look like you are bitstreaming DSD, and are decoding it to PCM for playback.
It would take some time (once) and disk space (because I recommend that you keep your original rips) but you might want to convert those ISOs to 24/88 or 24/96 FLAC files. (I think the maximum sample rate the miniDSP supports is 24/96?)
Your Atom should have no trouble playing 24/96 multichannel FLACs.
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