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Author Topic: Portable installation  (Read 818 times)


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Portable installation
« on: June 29, 2015, 11:24:08 am »

I am trying to get MC to work in a USB drive with little success. I am using MC 20.0.115.
Installed it in a brand new drive and copied all the music files I had there, under Music\music. The rules I used were:
Directory: [Genre]\[Album]
Filename: [Name]
Created a brand new library (Portable Library) in the same drive, under Music\Portable Library and imported the folder Music\music.
Everything seemed to work fine. When I selected the library, and select "Audio", I can see all the files there, but the icon shows a white dash over a red circle. Filenames are "(Install Drive):\Music\music\Genre\Album\Name.mp3" (of course, replacing Genre, Album and Name with the respective values) and I cannot play any of them! Selecting any song and clicking on the "Play" button will show a message "Something went wrong with with playback. Details: The file could not be found. Check the filename in the library matches the filename on disk".
I tried to rename the files using the solution to an old post and something even stranger happened: I selected all the files, right clicked and selected "Rename, Move, & Copy Files". Then, using "Update database to point to new location (no file rename, move or copy)", I changed the base path from "D:\Music\music" (D is the HD where the music was originally; the USB drive is currently at F:) to "(Install Drive):\Music\music" and the Preview pane shows that it would rename from "C:\Music\music\Genre\Album\Name.mp3" (C: is the drive where the non-portable MC is installed) to "D:\Music\music\Genre\Album\Genre\Album\Name.mp3"  ?. If I set base path to "F:\Music\music" (by typing or browsing), then the new name would be "F:\Music\music\Genre\Album\Name.mp3", as expected.
I did NOT click on "OK" for fear of making things worse...
Thanks for any help!
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