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Author Topic: Feature Request: DSP Studio - Channel-by-channel assignment of VSTs  (Read 248 times)


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Background: I use Dirac Live. This works wonderfully for me in the low frequency range, but it impairs the sound image of my dipole loudspeakers in terms of spatiality. It would therefore be very nice if it were possible to assign Dirac or other VSTs on a channel-by-channel basis, i.e. in the specific example for the bass channels, but then the mid and treble channels would run without Dirac or other VSTs. Such a feature would be an argument for me to upgrade to version 32.

Bob Sorel

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Re: Feature Request: DSP Studio - Channel-by-channel assignment of VSTs
« Reply #1 on: February 08, 2024, 05:50:22 am »

Yes, I made the same request just yesterday for the exact same feature. I hope the devs hear us and will consider adding the feature. My problem is with my center speaker, but the idea is the never know which speaker or set of speakers will need some sort of DSP applied, so having the ability to assign a user installed 3rd party DSP would be great, assuming that it is as easy to implement as it sounds (it probably isn't).

Check out this thread, as you might be interested in mattkhan's BEQDesigner, where he has generously provided links to the installation and usage of his fine utility:,138077.0.html

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