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Author Topic: new feature request: bitstreaming dd/dts/dd+/ddtruehd/dts-hd-ma to wdm driver  (Read 943 times)


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I suggested something in the "too easy" section but apparently it is not so easy, so I will propose this in a topic.

Problem: currently, if I select wdm audio driver as default in windows, netflix or powerdvd will decode compressed formats and stream the pcm data to jriver. I believe this depends on the wdm audio driver displaying "no compressed data formats supported" in the properties tab

Potential workaround: I was wondering if it was possible to tweak the wdm audio driver so the source program bitstream the track to wdm driver directly. This way, the dolby/dts track would be passed "as is", thereby allowing jriver to decode the stream and then do the rest of the processing

Benefits of this workaround for the users: this would prevent windows from resampling or changing bit depth of the soundtrack (this happens when streamed contents and the wdm driver do not match in sampling frequency or bit depth). Furthermore, it would avoid the potentially unwanted upmix of stereo content to multichannel, which is currently happening in apps like netflix when source content is stereo and speaker count is multichannel, thereby resulting in pro logic II being applied by default before the audio data is sent to jriver. Perhaps the users do not want to change channel count and want stereo to remain as is, or maybe they prefer jriver to handle the upmix with jrss?

Bottom line: Would it be enough to add compressed formats to the supported audio list in the wdm driver, in order to apps like netflix or hulu to send the bitstreamed data?
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