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Author Topic: Upgrade Help [Old]  (Read 33027 times)


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Upgrade Help [Old]
« on: July 12, 2015, 08:49:44 am »

This information is now old.   Please use this thread now:


The current price to upgrade for Mac or Windows is $26.98.  A Master License is $29.98.  

This is an outline of the upgrade process.  To direct you, we need to check a few things.

1.  Have you ever purchased MC?
If not, there is no upgrade price.  Sorry.

2.  Do you have your Registration Code for your older version?
If not, you can email it to yourself by using option #2 on the Restore Page.

3.  Do you have the current version (MC21) installed?
If not, please download and install it.  
If you purchase now, you will receive an MC21 license that will also work with MC20.

Now you're ready to purchase, but we need to know what OS you have and what license you want.  

4.  Are you planning to use more than one OS?
Then you will need a Master License, which works with Windows, Mac, and Linux.  You can purchase from the Help menu of a current version or you can go here:

Direct Link to Master License Upgrade

5.  Windows or Mac?
Normally, you can purchase from the program's Help menu, but if you have already purchased MC20, you can get the new license by visiting:

Direct Link to Windows Upgrade

Direct Link to Mac Upgrade

Is your license not accepted?  
Make sure you're on the right upgrade page.  A Mac License won't work to purchase a Windows upgrade, for example.  A Master License can't be upgraded to a Mac or Windows license.
Use copy and paste.  A 0 (zero) and an O (letter) look alike.  So do a 1 (number one) and an I (letter).

Can't find MC21?
Early versions are available on the forum.  Just download and install.  Restore your license if necessary.

Purchased MC20 recently?
If you purchased after June 8, you received an MC21 license that works with both versions.


Plans for MC21

Where is MC21
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